Frequently asked Questions

Are our carers/support nurses?

We have a nursing service which is different from our care services. Our carers/ support workers can access support and advice from our qualified nurses. Especially if there are specific requirements e.g. exercises for injuries etc.

If I had a pet would this cause a problem?

No, but we would talk about your pet when doing a Risk Assessment around the environment that you live in.

How much notice would you have to have before a care package could commence?

Ideally we would require at least 48 hours notice as a pre-care assessment has to be completed to determine your needs and requirements. However if you have an emergency we will come out and see you straight away with a view to completing an assessment there and then.

If I wanted to go out could my carer/ carer support worker accompany me?

Yes, if this has been agreed as part of the pre-care assessment.

How would my carer/ carer support worker gain access to my home?

If the service user is unable to answer the door then we would recommend that a key safe be fitted. Sometimes an alternative agreed safe place for the key to be stored is agreed.

Are your carers/ carer support workers police checked?

Yes, prior to commencement of employment. Our carers/ carer support workers are also checked against the Protection of Vulnerable Adults (SOVA) & Children (POCA) lists.

Do your carers/ carer support workers receive the relevant training?

Yes, all carers/ carer support workers are trained and their competency assessed by one of our qualified trainers. The required level of competency must be achieved prior to supporting service users.

Their comprehensive training includes all of the following areas, which is completed prior to supporting service users:

  • Montécare Policies and Procedures
  • Health & Safety
  • Moving and Positioning
  • First Aid
  • Food Hygiene
  • Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults/ Children
  • Care Skills
  • Infection Control & Equality
  • Medication training

Carers/ carer support workers working within specialist teams also receive the appropriate additional training.

Our carers/ carer support workers are required to hold or be willing to work towards their QCF and Diplomas in Health and Social Care.

How and when do I pay my bill?

This will be discussed with you at assessment and it is written into the Service User Guide that you are issued with when starting your care package. However, an Invoice will be sent to you monthly or the appropriate organisation that is funding your service for you. You can pay your bill by cheque or by BACS payment to Montécare. All details will be printed on the Invoice.

Live-in Care Only

Please go to our live in carer section where all questions will be answered.